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Proventil (Albuterol)
Proventil (Albuterol)

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Proventil (Albuterol)

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Commercial Name: Proventil 
Active Ingredient: Albuterol
Utilization: Used to relieve symptoms of asthma, to treat patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis. It works relaxing muscles of bronchi and widening the airways
Available Dosages: 100mcg
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General information:

Albuterol is used to fight breathing problems (asthma, pulmonary disease) such as shortness of breath and wheezing. Just like other bronchodilators, it relaxes bronchial muscles and opens breathing passages.This medication is intended for long term treatment, it takes some time for you to see the benefits from this drug. The drug is not suitable for preventing sudden asthma attacks, thus it shouldn’t be used for this purpose.


Albuterol relaxes all muscles surrounding airways, from trachea up to terminal bronchioles. Irrespective of the spasmogen involved, Albuterol plays a role of functional antagonist to calm and relax the airway, thus guarding from all other bronchoconstrictor problems. Once inhaled, albuterol activates beta2-adrenergic receptors located on smooth muscles surrounding the airway. This in turn leads to an increase in intracellular cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) and to the activation of adenylyl cyclase. High concentration of cyclic AMP activates kinase A, a protein which lowers ionic calcium concentrations inside the cell and inhibits the phosphorylation of myosin, resulting in relaxation of muscles.

Dosage and indications:

The usual dosage for Proventil (inhaler) is two inhalations every 4-6 hours. To prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm, use 2 inhalations 30 minutes before exercising. Give at least 1 minute break between each inhalation.

When using the inhaler for the first time, you need to prime it: spray 3-4 times into the air, avoiding spraying into the eyes. Also, if you haven’t used the inhaler for more than 2 weeks or have accidentally dropped the inhaler, prime it before use. Shake well before spraying.

If taking the tablet, the dosage is individual and should be consulted with your doctor. For adults, the maximum dosage is 32 mg per day; for children younger than 12 and older than 6 years, the maximum dosage is 24 mg per day.

Side effects:





      Chest pain

      Irregular heartbeat

      Dry mouth



      It is important that your doctor knows your medical history before prescribing the drug, especially if you have had any heart diseases, seizures, hypertension, diabetes

      Keep the plastic mouthpiece of inhaler clean to prevent medication build-up and blockage

      The inhaler should be washed, thoroughly shaken to dry off and air dried at least once a week

      It is unclear if the drug passes into breast milk, further consult your doctor for risks if you are breastfeeding a child

      During pregnancy, use the medication only if there are no other alternatives to it


Medically reviewed by Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 23.05.2023

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