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Norplant-72 (Levonorgestrel)
Norplant-72 (Levonorgestrel)

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Norplant-72 (Levonorgestrel)

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Category: Women's Health

Commercial Name: Norplant-72
Principal Ingredient: Levonorgestrel
Utilization: Contraceptive / Helps prevent pregnancy
Available Dosage: 0,75mg

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Norplant-72 is a artificial progestogen with a contraceptive effect and progestogenic and antiestrogenic impact. when utilized in recommended doses, it suppresses ovulation and prevents fertilization if sexual sex takes place inside the pre-ovulation segment, characterised by the very best possibility of fertilization. it can also result in modifications inside the endometrium that prevent implantation.

The effectiveness of Norplant-72 can be minimal if implantation has already took place. The chance of stopping being pregnant with timely taking the drug is ready 85%. As longest the time interval between sexual contact and taking the drug, as much less it's miles effective.

while taken orally, Norplant-72 is rapidly and nearly one hundred% absorbed. After taking 0.seventy five mg of the drug, its most concentration is reached after 1.6 hours and is approximately 14.1 ng/ml. After reaching the most fee, the concentration of Norplant-seventy two step by step decreases and it really works simplest for half energy after 26 hours.

Norplant-seventy two is about similarly excreted in the urine and feces exclusively within the shape of metabolites. Its biotransformation corresponds to the metabolic procedures of steroids. Norplant-seventy two is hydroxylated inside the liver, and then its metabolites are excreted within the form of conjugated glucuronides. Metabolites of a substance with clinically significant pharmacological interest are currently unknown.

in keeping with the instructions, Norplant-seventy two is a drug, that is used as a contraception (after unprotected intercourse or sexual contact the usage of an unreliable approach of birth control).

You do no longer have to take Norplant-72 if you have:

severe liver failure;

Lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption;

Age up to sixteen years;

being pregnant;

allergy to any of the additives.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 4.02.2023

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