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What is Zopiclone?

What is Zopiclone?

What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is a medicine used to treat sleep problems. This medicine is also used to solve problems associated with situational and chronic insomnia, night and early awakenings, transient insomnia, and secondary sleep disturbances in mental disorders. The active substance in one tablet is 3.75 mg zopiclone. Also, there are auxiliary elements such as silicon dioxide, colloidal anhydrous, corn starch, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, as well as substances such as lactose monohydrate, povidone, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Zopiclone dose

Such a drug is used before bedtime, most often the minimum dose is taken - 7.5 mg. In severe insomnia, the patient may take Zopiclone dosage 15mg. If the doctor prescribes this medication for the elderly, then it is better to start with a low dosage of 3.75 mg. The dosage of the drug can be increased, but it is important to consider the level of effectiveness and individual tolerance. If the patient has impaired renal function, then the dosage of the drug does not need to be reduced. If the patient has liver failure, then a single dosage should not exceed 3.75 mg. The course of treatment with such medication should not be more than 4 weeks. Carefully follow the instructions and advice of your doctor so as not to exceed the daily dose of the drug.

Zopiclone side effects

If you take Zopiclone tablets correctly, then such a drug has almost no side effects. It is also important to note that such medication has a low level of the appearance of any post-communist disorder. But each organism individually tolerates the use of such a medicine, so side effects can still appear. Among them, it is important to note depressed mood, nausea, vomiting, a bitter or metallic taste in the mouth, confusion, or irritability. There are also less frequent side effects - impaired coordination of movement, rash, dizziness, hives, or drowsiness upon waking.


If the doctor prescribes Zopiclone foranxiety to the patient, then it is important to take into account certain contraindications. Such a drug is prohibited for people who are allergic to such an active component as zopiclone, which is in the pill. Also, this medicine is prohibited for adolescents before 15 years old. It is important to note that such medication is not recommended for people who plan to do activities with a high concentration of attention.

Zopiclone is a very popular drug for treating sleep problems because it is not addictive and does not have withdrawal syndrome with bad consequences for your health. You can read a lot of good Zopiclone reviews to understand that such tablets are completely safe to use if to do this with a prescription and instructions. You can also buy Zopiclone online cheap and the price will be more pleasant than most analogs of this medication. If the patient uses Zopiclone for myasthenia gravis, then he needs to get strict neurological control because the active substance of this drug can lead to muscle weakness.


There is information about only a few cases with an overdose of Zopiclone, but the development of serious or persistent side effects was not noted there. The only effect that an overdose of such a drug can give is deep, prolonged sleep. In this case, the patient should get supported and symptomatic treatment.

Zopiclone and alcohol

Zopiclone is not compatible with alcohol because it will lead to increased sedation effect due to benzodiazepine medications. Doctors do not recommend using Zopiclone with any drink that contains ethyl alcohol. Such a drug can give an inhibition effect, so you do not need to use these tablets if you plan to drive a car or work with different mechanisms.

Addiction risk

Zopiclone can be addictive if you use this medication for longer than 4 weeks. Even at therapeutic doses, prolonged use of these pills can lead to physical or mental dependence.

The risk of dependence may increase significantly if the following factors are obtained:

  • Increased feeling of anxiety.
  • The dose of Zopiclone 7.5 mg was significantly exceeded.
  • The duration of treatment was longer than the recommended 4 weeks.
  • The combination of Zopiclone with alcohol or with other types of psychotropic drugs.

If the patient has received physical dependence, then he needs to stop taking this drug. Withdrawal of Zopiclone can lead to the following consequences: headache, confusion, irritable state, muscle pain, anxiety, increased anxiety, and tension. More serious consequences may also occur - symptoms such as numbness of the limbs, derealization, depersonalization, noise in the head, tingling in the limbs, hypersensitivity to light, hallucinations or epilepsy.

Buy Zopiclone Online

If you need Zopiclone 7.5 mg, then you can get your doctor's prescription and buy it at any pharmacy. But if you do not have time to go to the pharmacy, then you can buy such a drug online. Many online pharmacies can offer you Zopiclone at a very good price. But you also need to be very careful if you decide to buy sleepingtablets Zopiclone through an online pharmacy. Make sure that it is a legal pharmacy that sells certified and high-quality drugs. Also, make sure that such an online platform has permission to sell drugs on the Internet. Many online pharmacies may ask you to send a prescription to get a guarantee that you need such a drug. Many people prefer to buy Zopiclone online because it is profitable and convenient, and delivery can be carried out the next day.

If you decide to buy Zopiclone then you need to get a prescription from your doctor and also find out the features of your body and possible contraindications. Do not combine such a drug with alcohol so as not to harm your health. Take the exact dosage and do not exceed it even if you did not get the desired effect. It is better to ask your doctor about increasing the dose so that it would not be dangerous. Don’t take Zopiclone more than 4 weeks not to get an addiction to the active components of this medication.