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The ultimate guide about Duloxetine

The ultimate guide about Duloxetine

What is Duloxetine?

Duloxetine is a special form of antidepressant that is used not only to treat various types of pain, but also to treat a depressive disorder, fibromyalgia, and chronic neuropathic pain. Also, this drug is prescribed for patients with depression and urinary incontinence. Such medicine has its advantages and disadvantages, but it has also been noted as one of the safest tablets with a relatively balanced stimulating and sedative effects, and also with antidepressant, analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Speaking specifically what is Duloxetine 30 mg used for, such medication is used to suppress feelings of excessive tiredness or depression. It is also used to reduce pain.

Duloxetine dosage

Such a drug is taken orally and it does not depend on mealtime. The capsule must be swallowed whole without chewing or crushing it. Such medicines should not be added to food or stirred in any liquid because it can damage the enteric coating of the pill. Doctors recommend starting with the minimum dosage - Duloxetine 60 mg. If the patient did not feel the desired effect of taking this capsule, then the dosage can be increased to 120 mg and divide it on 2 times a day. The use of such a drug must be done very carefully, although this does not give many side effects or particularly complex health effects. It is important to listen to the advice of your doctor to exceed the dose only after its appointment. Undergo a medical examination to find out possible allergies and other features of your body so as not to harm your health.

Duloxetine side effects

Side effects may occur or an overdose of this drug or due to the characteristics of the body. These can be consequences of varying degrees of complexity:

  • Impact on the central nervous system: headache, dizziness, severe drowsiness, paresthesia, lethargy, insomnia, anxiety, apathy, bruxism, mania, anger, cramps. Suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness, hallucinations, extrapyramidal syndrome, psychomotor anxiety, serotonin syndrome, or even suicide attempts may also appear.
  • Impact on the digestive system: dry oral mucosa, nausea, belching, stomatitis, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, dyspepsia, and gastroenteritis. Symptoms such as acute liver failure, blood in the stool, hepatitis, jaundice, and taste disturbance may also appear. Some cases had shown that patients had unpleasant odors when breathing, had liver failure, or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Other side effects may also be noted: decreased libido, decreased urine flow, cold extremities, a change in the smell of urine, fainting and orthostatic hypotension, earache, tinnitus, nosebleeds. Also, bleeding and menopause symptoms were noted in women.

Duloxetine weight loss

Duloxetine is marketed under the Cymbalta brand. So sometimes you may read such a name for this drug. Studies have been conducted that have shown that such an antidepressant caused weight fluctuations in patients. The reaction was quite unusual, so many patients wrote that Duloxetine helps to lose weight. But here it is also important to remember that this is not a specific purpose of this drug - its components affect the patient's body. This can lead to a decrease in appetite (as a side effect). Duloxetine reviews on this topic can have both positive and negative opinions. There were cases that taking these capsules affected the change in weight, and cancellation led to weight stabilization.


Some patients should use this medication with caution. These are people who have cramps or patients with bipolar disorder. There is also a group of people who are forbidden to take Duloxetine. Among them are patients with closed glaucoma, people who take thioridazine. Also, Duloxetine and alcohol are not compatible because they can lead to confusion, drowsiness, and inattention. This medication is prohibited for people allergic to the active components that are in Duloxetine. It is also not recommended for pregnant women (especially in the first trimester). It is best to take these capsules in low doses if you have urological problems or problems with an ill prostate.


An overdose of this medication can lead to consequences such as tremors, ataxia, vomiting, convulsions (of the clonic type) or decreased appetite. If this happens, then the patient is prescribed symptomatic and supportive treatment. But it is important to note that there is no specific antidote to this drug. There were cases when the patient received an overdose of up to 1400 mg of Duloxetine, but this did not lead to fatal consequences. This drug is called one of the safest among antidepressants since it is not addictive and does not give terrible symptoms after discontinuation. You can combine this capsule with some other medications, but it is important to consult your doctor here.

The benefits of this medication

Many doctors call several advantages that distinguish this drug from its analogs. It will be a good choice for people with somatic symptoms of depression, for depressed patients with inhibited behavior, for people with atypical depression, and also Duloxetine will be an excellent solution for those who have symptoms of comorbid anxiety or those whose body has not responded to SSRI treatment.

If you want to buy such a drug in an online pharmacy, make sure that such a resource has permission to sell medicines on the Internet. Also, make sure that the shelf life of Duloxetine is normal. Many online pharmacies sell various over-the-counter drugs, but reliable pharmaceutical platforms ask for a prescription. Be careful about your health because any medication can give you allergies or side effects - find out the features of your body before taking such a capsule.