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Codeine - a short guide

Codeine - a short guide

What is Codeine?

Codeine is a medication that is used as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant medicine. It can be used as an anesthetic, or for the treatment of various diseases that may be associated with inflammatory processes in the upper or lower respiratory tract. One tablet of such a preparation contains 3-methylmorphine, which is also called Codeine phosphate hemihydrate. Such a component is an opium alkaloid and is produced in a semi-synthetic way. The composition of such an active substance may contain elements such as starch, lactose, povidone or calcium stearate. There are different forms of such a drug: 15 mg tablets, powder, capsules or Codeine syrup.

Codeine dosage

Ask your doctor about the exact dosage of this drug so as not to have problems with overdose and side effects. Doctors prescribe tablets more often, while syrup and powder they prescribe less often. An adult can take 10 to 30 mg as a single dose. But such a single dose should not exceed 50 mg, and the daily dose should not be higher than 200 mg. Also, such a medicine can be prescribed for children - a single dosage can be from 1 to 7.5 mg. It is important to consider the age and weight of the child; therefore, it is important to consult a doctor so as not to harm children's health.

If we talk about how long such medicament takes to work, then it is important to consider the characteristics of the body. If you use this drug as an analgesic, then the effect will be about 10 to 4 minutes after taking the pill. If such a drug is injected under the skin, then the effect occurs in half an hour and sometimes in an hour. A cough blockade can last 4-6 hours, and the effect of analgesia lasts about 4 hours.

Codeine side effects

Not only Codeine cough syrup but also such a drug in any of its forms can give side effects. But most often it normally affects patients, and side effects appear with an overdose or prolonged use. Also, such tablets can be addictive, that is when after long use the effect is lost and the body does not respond to the active components of this medicament. The effect may completely disappear or decrease. Codeine can also give an allergic reaction if a person has intolerance to one of the elements of this drug. This may be intolerance to lactose or other substances that are in the formula of the pill. An allergic reaction most often manifests itself in the form of a rash in certain places on the body. Other possible side effects of Codeine may also appear, including dry mucous membranes of the mouth, constipation, or nausea.


The doctor will not prescribe Codeine to the patient if he has intolerance to the active components of this drug. One of the most common contraindications is lactose intolerance. Also, this medication is prohibited for people with an oppressed center of the respiratory tract, with arterial hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and pheochromocytoma (adrenal tumors). Codeine is also prohibited for children before two years of age. It can not be taken by people who are prone to the emergence of drug dependence.

Codeine withdrawal

Codeine is a powerful opiate painkiller and it causes the body to get an addiction to its active components. Patients take the minimum dose but increase it overtime to get the desired effect. The addiction becomes stronger and then the rejection of this drug can lead to bad consequences. The active components of Codeine alter the chemistry in the brain and the functions of the CNS. Dependence becomes stronger and the brain cannot function normally without Codeine components. The withdrawal symptoms depend on the person, gender, weight, mental health, and also on the duration of this process. Codeine withdrawal symptoms could include insomnia, excessive sweating, fever, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and headache or stomach pain.

Codeine and alcohol

It must be remembered that Codeine is a derivative of morphine. The analgesic effect comes from a change in the subjective sensation of pain that the brain gives. Also, the antitussive effect comes from the effect of the components of the drug on the suppression of the cough center, located in a specific section of the brain. All of these factors influence alcohol intake with Codeine. This drug is prohibited with alcohol because this can lead to drowsiness, increased weakness, convulsions, hallucinations, delirium, blurred vision, dizziness, affect state, confusion, or inhibition. Also, the combination of Codeine tablets and alcohol can lead to more terrible consequences - breathing can become difficult. This can lead to the fact that a person simply falls asleep and does not wake up.

Ibuprofen and Codeine

These two drugs belong to the class of non-steroidal and opioid anti-inflammatory drugs. Ibuprofen is often used as a cure for fever, pain, or inflammation. Codeine is used more often to reduce the excitability of the cough center. It is also taken for toothache, painful menstruation, muscle pain or severe migraines. Ibuprofen in such cases may have a lower degree of effectiveness.

Buy Codeine online

You can buy Codeine at a pharmacy if you have a doctor’s prescription. Such a drug is forbidden to sell without a prescription. But you can also buy this online if you choose a reliable and certified pharmacy. Many online pharmacies also require a prescription. Also, check what form of this medicine your doctor has prescribed for you. There are different dosages of pills - this could be 15 mg or Codeine 30mg. Make sure that you buy quality medicine so as not to harm your health. 

Remember that any drug may have contraindications and side effects. If you need to purchase pills of this class, then you need to be very careful. Talk with your medical doctor to get the exact prescription and specific dosage of this medicament. Do not exceed the dose if you will not get the effect - ask your medical doctor to increase the dosage only with his permission.